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araSpect is a server side object inspector for web applications. Through a web interface you can drill down in your server side java beans. The idea is much like inspector known from Smalltalk or VisualAge for Java. There is special support for some Struts objects, like ActionFormBeans, ActionMappings, and ActionForwards. The program is very easy to install, you have to put one jar file in the classpath of web application, and one jsp.


araSpect can be downloaded from It is a single zip file, with all neccesary jar files, and source code. Read the readme for details.


Put araspect_all.jar in the classpath for your web application, and put the jsp somewhere where you can access it from a web browser. In araspect_all.jar is everything araSpect needs to run. It also includes some general classes from aragost in arabase.jar, if you prefer you can install the jars seperately. More details are in the readme file.

How to use it

Direct your browser to the araspect.jsp, and enjoy.

araSpect can also be used as a error page in JSP. You get a lot more information about the state when the error occured, and you can dig down to your objects, and inspect the internal state.


araSpect is open source with a liberal license, and the contributors are:
  • Jan Sorensen (
  • Klaus Bucka-Lassen (

  • You can also take a look at the project summary page on, or browse the CVS repository. You can also browse the Javadoc for araSpect and arabase.

    Copyright (c) 2001, 2002 aragost, Zürich, Switzerland. All rights reserved.